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Labor Market Shocks and Early Social Security Benefit Claiming
David Card, Nicole Maestas and Patrick Purcell

Have We Finally Achieved Actuarial Fairness of Social Security Retirement Benefits and Will It Last?
Frank Heiland and Na Yin

Does Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Make It Harder to Get Hired? Revised with Additional Analysis of SIPP Data and Appendix of Disability Laws
David Neumark, Joanne Song and Patrick Button

Will They Take the Money and Work? An Empirical Analysis of People’s Willingness to Delay Claiming Social Security Benefits for a Lump Sum
Raimond H. Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell, Ralph Rogalla and Tatjana Schimetschek

The Insurance Role of Household Labor Supply for Older Workers
Yanan Li and Victoria Prowse

The Implications of Differential Trends in Mortality for Social Security Policy
John Bound, Arline Geronimus, Javier Rodriguez and Timothy A. Waidmann

Responses of Time-use to Shocks in Wealth during the Great Recession
Jim Been, Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder

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MRRC's Winter 2015 Newsletter is now online

MRRC has released the Winter 2015 newsletter. This issue includes:

· Information on my Social Security;

· Key findings from MRRC’s 2014 working papers;

· News about MRRC staff transitions, and more.

To read the newsletter, visit http://mrrc.isr.umich.edu/publications/newsletters/newsletter_item.cfm?NewsletterID=1025.


The University of Michigan Retirement Research Center is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Social Security Administration as part of its Retirement Research Consortium.