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Volume 9 Issue 3 - July 2008

Jason Fichtner Named Acting Deputy Commissioner of Social Security

In May, SSA Commissioner Michael Astrue announced that Jason Fichtner was appointed by President Bush as Acting Deputy Commissioner of Social Security.  Since August 2007, Dr. Fichtner has served as Associate Commissioner for Retirement Policy in the Office of Retirement and Disability Policy.  Quoting from the Commissioner’s address,  “In that position, Dr. Fichtner has been instrumental in the development and execution of economic policy for the agency.  During his time at Social Security, he also has been a leader in our financial literacy effort to better educate people on the importance of retirement planning.  In addition, since the departure of Andrew Biggs in February, Dr. Fichtner has served as the Acting Secretary to the Social Security Board of Trustees. Dr. Fichtner is a fine individual with keen insight into social and economic trends and a passion for the work of this agency.  I look forward to working closely with him and seeking his counsel on some of the challenging issues we face.”

We join the Commissioner in welcoming Dr. Fichtner in his new role as Acting Deputy Commissioner of Social Security.