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Volume 9 Issue 4 - October 2008

MRRC New Awards

The MRRC is pleased to announce the following new research awards for 2008-2009. 

Reconciling Findings on the Employment Impact of Disability Insurance.
John Bound and Timothy Waidman

How Common is Parking Among SSDI Beneficiaries? Deborah Peikes and David Stapleton

Adjusting Social Security Unfunded Liability for Risk. Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Alex Blocker

What Replacement Rates Should Households Use? John Karl Scholz and Ananth Seshadri

Buffering Shocks to Well-Being Late in Life.
Matthew D. Shapiro

Models of Endogenous Retirement and the Labor Supply Effects of Social Security. 
Richard Rogerson

401(k) Plan Investment Efficiency: Who Are the Winners and Why? Olivia S. Mitchell and Ning Tang

The Level and Risk of Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending
Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder

How Do Pension Changes Affect Retirement Preparedness?
Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier, and Nahid Tabatabai

Financial Literacy and Financial Sophistication: Evidence from the 2008 HRS.
Annamaria Lusardi

Social Security Literacy and Retirement Well-Being. Hugo Benítez-Silva, Berna Demiralp, and Zhen Liu

Market-based Guarantees in Investment-linked Pension Payout Programs:  Pricing, Risk Management, and Financial Well-being for Retirees.
Raimond H. Maurer

Earnings and 401(k) Contribution Profiles of Three Cohorts: Evidence from Social Security Records.
Marjorie Honig

Economic Hardship Among the Elderly: How Important is Failure to Take up Public Programs?
Helen Levy

Work Disability and Labor Force Status in Europe and the US. 
Arie Kapetyn, James Smith, and Arthur van Soest

International Comparisons: The Effect of Policy on Work, Disability and Wealth. 
Pierre-Carl Michaud, Michael Hurd, and Susann Rohwedder

Investor Behavior and Fund Performance under a Privatized Retirement Accounts System: Evidence from Chile. 
Petra Todd and Elena Krasnokutskaya

Geographical Proximity and Intergenerational Transfers. 
Robert A. Pollak and Janice Compton

Marriage and Savings Over the Lifecycle.
Julie Zissimopoulos