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Volume 10 Issue 4 - October 2009

MRRC’s New Awards

The University of Michigan Retirement Research Center is pleased to announce the following research awards for 2009-2010.

Social Security Disability Insurance

The Labor Supply Effects of Disability Insurance Work Disincentives: Evidence from Administrative Data. Nicole Maestas (RAND) and Jae Song (SSA)

The Social Security Early Retirement Benefit as Safety Net. John Bound (U of Michigan) and Timothy A. Waidmann (Urban Institute)

Analysis of Policy Options for Older Workers Experiencing Work-Limitation Onset. Jody Schimmel and David Stapleton (Mathematica)

Consistency of the Disability Determination Process and Labor Supply Outcomes. Nicole Maestas and Kathleen Mullen (RAND)

The Effect of Disability and Disability Insurance on Spousal Labor Supply. Susan Chen (Purdue)

Current Economic Crisis

The Effects of the Economic Crisis on Retirement and Spending. Susann Rohwedder and Michael Hurd (RAND)

The Financial Crisis and the Well-Being of Social Security Recipients. Matthew D. Shapiro (U of Michigan)

Cognitive Function and Financial Knowledge: A Human Capital Approach. Robert J. Willis and Kandice Kapinos (U of Michigan)

Mortgage Distress of the Elderly: How Strong are Family Ties? Frank Stafford and Elena Gouskova (U of Michigan)

Life-Cycle: Accumulation Phase

Should You Borrow from Yourself? The Determinants and Effects of 401(k) Loans. Olivia S. Mitchell and Timothy Jun Lu (U of Pennsylvania)

Financial Literacy, Short-run Impatience, and the Determinants of Savings and Financial Management. Justine Hastings (Yale) and Olivia S. Mitchell (U of Pennsylvania)

Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level. Alan Gustman (Dartmouth), Thomas Steinmeier (Texas Tech), and Nahid Tabatabai (Dartmouth)

Personality, Lifetime Earnings, and Retirement Wealth. Angela Lee Duckworth (U of Pennsylvania) and David Weir (U of Michigan)

Life-Cycle: Family Line Networks

New Data on Intergenerational Transfers. John Laitner and Amanda Sonnega (U of Michigan)

Geographic Dispersion and the Well-Being of the Elderly. Judith A. Seltzer, Kathleen McGarry and Suzanne M. Bianchi (UCLA)

Bequest Motives and Asset Decumulation at the End of Life. John Bailey Jones (SUNY)

Life-Cycle: Well-Being in Retirement

Post-Retirement Adjustments in Defined Benefit Pensions. Charles Brown (U of Michigan)

The Effect of Out-of-Pocket Spending for Health Care on Economic Preparation for Retirement. Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder (RAND)

New Explorations of Health and Wealth. John Karl Scholz and Ananth Seshadri (U of Wisconsin)

Numeracy, Cognitive Abilities and Retiree Health Care Expenditure. Hanming Fang (Duke), Lauren Nicholas, and Dan Silverman (U of Michigan)

Social Security System/Reform

The Growth in Social Security Benefits Among the Retirement Age Population. Alan Gustman (Dartmouth), Thomas Steinmeier (Texas Tech) and Nahid Tabatabai (Dartmouth)

Financial Capability in the United States: Consumer Decision-Making and the Role of Social Security. Annamaria Lusardi (Dartmouth)

The Joint Decision-Making of Married Couples and the Social Security Pension System. Shinichi Nishiyama (Georgia State)


Earnings Growth as a Predictor of Mortality with an Application to Immigrant Mortality. Harriet Duleep and David A. Jaeger (William and Mary)