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Volume 11 Issue 1 - February 2010

SSA Bulletin Covers History of the Retirement Research Consortium

Paul S. Davies and T. Lynn Fisher of the Social Security
Administration published an article about the Retirement
Research Consortium in the Social Security Bulletin, Vol.
69 No. 4: “The Retirement Research Consortium: Past,
Present, and Future.” Each research center also wrote an
article summarizing its history and research output: “The
Research Contributions of the Center for Retirement Research
at Boston College,” by Steven A. Sass; “Social Security
Research at the Michigan Retirement Research Center,”
by Richard V. Burkhauser, Alan L. Gustman, John Laitner,
Olivia S. Mitchell, and Amanda Sonnega; and “Social Security
in a Changing Environment: Findings From the Retirement
Research Center at the National Bureau of Economic
Research,” by David A. Wise and Richard G. Woodbury.

Read the articles: Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 4.