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Volume 11 Issue 3 - September 2010

Director’s Corner

This year’s RRC conference, Retirement, Planning, and Social Security in Interesting Times, at the National Press Club, August 5-6, was the Consortium’s twelfth. David Rust, Deputy Commissioner, Retirement and Disability Policy, SSA, opened the conference, noting the 75th anniversary of the Social Security program itself, and the research accomplishments of the RRC. The Michigan Retirement Research Center has been proud to be a member of the Consortium since its founding.

With worries lingering about the recession, the conference began with the session Financial Crisis: What Have We Learned? How Have Older American Fared? And, Thursday’s lunchtime speaker, Donald Marron, Director of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, spoke on Fiscal Policy in Interesting Times. Thursday afternoon began with a session on Social Security Disability Insurance, long a topic of special attention among MRRC researchers. Other sessions followed on recent Consortium analyses of financial planning and literacy, health, and behavioral economics. Friday’s lunchtime speaker, James Roosevelt Jr., President of Tufts Health Plan, returned to the topic of Social Security’s anniversary.

One of the missions of the RRC is to encourage young scholars to pursue research in Social Security related subject areas, and the conference included presentations by a Sandell Scholar and two Dissertation Fellows.

The popularity of the annual conference continues to grow, with this year’s sign-ups exceeding 400. The conference provides an opportunity to listen to up-to-date scholarly research, and for academic and private-sector researchers and government policymakers interested in Social Security to meet and network.