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Volume 12 Issue 1 - May 2011

Director’s Corner

The May issue of the newsletter includes an article and photos covering the annual MRRC Research Workshop in April. We were delighted to have Debra Whitman, Staff Director of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, attend this year and deliver a lunch talk on Social Security related issues that she feels are attracting particular current attention in Washington. She also mentioned topics that may not have received their fair share of research effort to date.

About 50 researchers attended overall, with 30 making presentations on their current work. Topics included the effects of the continuing economic slowdown, interdisciplinary research, different aspects of the lifecycle model, and 9 papers on SSDI. Six of the speakers were first-time participants at the workshop.

The annual April workshop provides MRRC researchers with a chance to exchange ideas and hear comments on their work. It is designed to foster discussion, with equal time allocated to presentations and remarks or questions from the floor. As always, the MRRC appreciates the Social Security Administration’s support for this event.