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Volume 12 Issue 4 - May 2012

Director’s Corner

This issue is devoted to the annual MRRC Research Workshop, which took place April 13-14 at the University of Michigan. The workshop included about 30 research presentations, as well as a panel on possible future changes to the Consumer Expenditure Survey. The format of the workshop is designed to encourage discussion among participants. Talks are limited to 10 minutes to allow the opportunity for in-depth scholarly discussion from participants. As always, prominent topics included work on the life-cycle model of household behavior and on new data sources. We offer a summary of a sample of the talks.

We were delighted to have Andrew Biggs give a lunch-time talk on "Social Security: What’s Happening in Washington?" Biggs is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He formerly served as deputy commissioner at the Social Security Administration. He talked about possibilities for reform of OASI and SSDI, including the possible scope of changes that might gather current support. 

The annual workshop provides MRRC researchers the opportunity to exchange ideas and gather comments on their work. This year we had a nice mixture of familiar participants along with many new faces. The MRRC appreciates the Social Security Administration’s longstanding support for this event.