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Volume 13 Issue 1 - October 2012

Director’s Corner

This year’s Retirement Research Consortium conference at the National Press Club was titled Current Perspectives on Retirement Policy. The three RRC Centers -- the Michigan Retirement Research Center, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, and the NBER Retirement Research Center -- take turns arranging the conference.

The presentations represent a selection of RRC research, including research by Sandell Scholars. The Conference provides an important, live link between RRC funded research and the policymaker community. A principal aim of the RRC is to stimulate scientific research on the Social Security system and factors affecting the well-being of retirees in general. The RRC Conference provides a showcase for a sample of the year’s funded projects. It provides opportunities for hearing researchers present their own work, listening to informed discussants, and questions from the audience. All projects yield working papers as well, many of which are subsequently published in academic and other journals.

David Rust, Deputy Commissioner of Social Security, opened this year’s conference with remarks lauding the RRC’s performance, and its impact upon Social Security programs. The lunchtime speakers were Robert Merton, professor of finance at MIT, and the 1997 Nobel laureate in economics, and Roger Ferguson, the president and CEO of TIAA-CREF. Both spoke about private pension support for retired Americans.