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Volume 13, Issue 4 - November 2013

Director’s Corner by John P. Laitner

The 2013 Retirement Research Consortium (RRC) annual meeting at the National Press Club on August 1–2, 2013, featured talks summarizing 21 individual research projects, each followed by discussion. Opening remarks by Katherine Thornton, Deputy Chief of Staff of SSA, highlighted past RRC contributions and important challenges ahead.

Lunchtime speakers Alice Rivlin, a senior fellow at Brookings, and Stephen Goss, the chief actuary of SSA spoke about issues facing Social Security. Almost 400 individuals attended and showed a lively interest in the meeting. C-SPAN covered Stephen Goss’s talk.

The RRC draws scholars into the study of Social Security and retirement-related topics. Individual RRC research projects run for one year and generally fund several months of a scholar’s time. The RRC seeks original, innovative projects that use state-of-the-art methodology and data sources. The objective is to investigate public-policy relevant topics in-depth. The RRC annual meeting fosters direct communication between researchers and the policymaking community.

This year we specifically sought discussants from Washington to reinforce an exchange of information, to provide feedback to the scholars, and to help identify additional subjects of interest for future research.