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Volume 13, Issue 4 - November 2013

RRC Researchers in the Media

On  8/23/13, Forbes carried Richard Eisenberg’s NextAvenue blog about work presented at the RRC meeting August 1–2, 2013. He quotes RRC researchers Suzanne Shu, Matthew S. Rutledge, John Beshears, and Richard Johnson in The Irrational Retirement Choices We Make.

Robert Powell of MarketWatch spoke with Olivia S. Mitchell and Annamaria Lusardi about the pros and cons of retiring with a mortgage  (8/14/13).

On 5/21/13, in a blog titled "Should U.S. Pay Workers to Delay Social Security?" the Wall Street Journal wrote about a paper on lump sum retirement benefits by Olivia S. Mitchell, Jingjing Chai, Raimond Maurer, and Ralph Rogalla.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s article on 2/24/13, Don’t Weep for Boomers Close to Retirement, cited the study by Gustman, Steinmeier, and Tabatabai about the impact of the Great Recession on older Americans.