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Volume 14 Issue 2 - May 2014

Director’s Corner

This newsletter covers the tenth annual MRRC Researcher Workshop held at the University of Michigan, April 11-12, 2014, providing summaries of the papers. This year we were delighted to have John Piggott, a professor at University of New South Wales, Australia, skype in for a special talk on the Australian social security system. The Australian system’s means tested tier of retirement benefits is especially interesting. The presentation included audio, video, and slides, and John Piggott answered questions from the audience following his talk.

We had 56 attendees, 34 of whom gave presentations. Each talk was followed by 10 minutes of open discussion. Topics included macroeconomic analyses of aging in Japan and the US, life-cycle behavior and financial choices, private pensions, public assistance and its effects on private behavior, health, and new data sources.

Each year the workshop gives MRRC researchers the opportunity to hear comments about their work. We always invite a selection of new people in order to recruit new researchers. We were delighted to have members of the Social Security Advisory Board attend, including Joel Feinleib and Claire Green. Ms. Green offered after-dinner remarks about the operation of the SSAB and answered questions. We were also pleased to have T. Lynn Fisher present her joint work with Richard Burkhauser, Andrew Houtenville, and Jennifer Tennant on survey questions for identifying work limitations.