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Volume 16, Issue 2 - June 2016

Workshop topics range from retirement wealth to long-term care insurance

At MRRC’s 2016 workshop, 30 researchers gave 10 minute presentations followed by 10 minutes of audience feedback. Presenters and their projects were:

· Michael Hurd, “Consumption Patterns and Health Shocks Among the Elderly”

· David Love, “Countercyclical Retirement Accounts”

· Ananth Seshadri, “A Life-cycle Model with Human Capital, Labor Supply, and Retirement”

· Maria Casanova, “Uncertain Retirement and Consumption over the Life Cycle”

· Erik Meijer, “Heterogeneous Effects of Retirement on Cognitive Decline by Occupation”

· Kathleen Mullen, “Job Demands and Job Sustainability over the Life Course”

· David Powell, “What Job Characteristics do Older Individuals Value? Evidence from a Stated Preferences Experiment”

· Jeffrey Wenger, “Work Sustainability in the U.S. and Europe”

· Kristine Brown, “Alternative Pathways to Retirement in a Household Context”

· Janice Compton, “What about the Surviving Spouse? Life-Cycle Saving, Labor Supply, and Claiming Social Security Benefits”

· Katherine Carman, “Household Retirement Savings: The Division of Assets Between Spouses”

· Helen Levy, “Health Reform and Health Insurance Coverage among Early Retirees”

· Olivia S. Mitchell, “Time Discounting and Economic Decision Making Among the Elderly”

· Chichun Fang, “Cohort Changes in Pension Wealth in the Health and Retirement Study”

· Alan Gustman, “Declining Wealth and Work among Male Veterans in the Health and Retirement Study”

· Angela Hung, “Defaulting in and Cashing out? The Impact of Retirement Plan Design on the Savings Accumulation of Separating Employees”

· Stephanie Moulton, “How Home Equity Extraction and Reverse Mortgages Affect the Financial Well-Being of Senior Households”

· Patrick Button, “Do State Age Discrimination Protections Reduce Hiring Discrimination Against Older Workers? Evidence from a Field Experiment”

· Melinda Morrill, “Working after Retiring from Career Jobs: Work-life Transitions of Public Employees in North Carolina”

· Susann Rohwedder, “Predicting the Labor-force Participation of the Older Population”

· Philip Armour, “Measuring the Importance of Social Security Information: Impacts of the Social Security Statement on Older Workers in the 1990s and the Effects of Its Reintroduction Today”

· Kenneth Couch, “The Social Security Statement and Timing of Retirement Benefit Receipt”

· David Knapp, “The Retirement and Social Security Benefit Claiming of U.S. Military Retirees”

· Mariacristina De Nardi, “The Implications of Richer Earnings Dynamics for Consumption, Wealth, and Welfare”

· Victoria Prowse, “Lifetime Income Inequality with Taxation and Public Benefits”

· John Sabelhaus, “The Impact of Income Volatility on Measured Cross-Section Inequality”

· R. Anton Braun, “Private Long-Term Care Insurance Markets: Why Is the Market so Small and Coverage Denials so Frequent?”

· Italo Lopez-Garcia, “Willingness to Pay for Nursing Home Quality”

· Peter Hudomiet, “Are the Elderly Overly Optimistic About Survival Chances?”

· Brooke Helppie McFall, “Occupational Differences in Rates of Cognitive Decline”