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Executive Committee

MRRC's Executive Committee works with the Director to develop the Center's current and long-range research agenda; to build the roster of pariticipating researchers; and to conduct the MRRC's research review process.

Richard V. Burkhauser
Sarah Gibson Blanding Professor of Policy Analysis, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

Eric French
Professor, University College London; Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS); Sr Economist & Research Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Alan L. Gustman
Loren M. Berry Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College

Michael Hurd
Senior Economist, RAND

John P. Laitner
MRRC Director & Professor of Economics, University of Michigan

Kathleen McGarry
Professor of Economics, UCLA; Research Associate, NBER

Olivia S. Mitchell
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Wharton

Ananth Seshadri
Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Daniel Silverman
Professor of Economics, Arizona State University

Dmitriy Stolyarov
MRRC Associate Director & Associate Professor of Economics, University of Michigan

David Weir
Research Professor and Director, Health and Retirement Study, University of Michigan

Robert J. Willis
Research Professor, University of Michigan