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Researcher Detail

Marie-Eve Lachance

Marie-Eve Lachance is an Assistant Professor of Finance at San Diego State University.  After completing her doctoral studies at the Wharton School, she taught for a year at Cass Business School in London. She completed her PhD at the Department of Insurance and Risk Management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Her fields of specialization are pensions and finance. Specific areas of interest include the design, valuation, and investments of pension plans. Recently, many social security systems and public sector pension plans have converted their pension design from defined benefit to defined contribution. Her on-going work, along with Olivia S. Mitchell, studies the implications of these conversions with regard to transferring investment risk to individuals. Part of this research is centered on the current proposal to include Personal Retirement Accounts in the US social security system. This study evaluates the financial implications of adding a minimum guarantee to these accounts as a way of mitigating investment risk. Other work includes the evaluation of a different approach taken by the Florida Retirement System in a similar context. In that case, employees were granted an option to return to the original defined benefit system after transferring to the newly created defined contribution plan. Before attending graduate school, Marie-Eve worked for three years as a pension consultant in Canada. She received her Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science from Laval University (Canada) in 1996 and the professional designations of Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Associated Research Projects
UM02-D2:  Guaranteeing Defined Contribution Pensions: the Option to Buy-back a Defined Benefit Promise