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Researcher Detail

Steven J. Haider
Assistant Professor
Michigan State University

Steven Haider (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1998) is Associate  Professor of Economics, Michigan State University. Haider has written on numerous topics regarding the elderly, including issues of retirement incentives, the effects of retirement on consumption, the use of food stamps by the elderly, and the effects of the Social Security retirement earnings test on labor supply.  More generally, Haider has undertaken a broad research agenda in labor economics, including topics concerning welfare reform, income inequality, labor supply, and poverty.

Associated Research Projects
UM06-04:  Household Savings and Retirement: Expectations and Realizations
UM02-09:  How Important are Wages to the Elderly?
UM02-08:  Understanding Poverty Among Elderly Divorced Women
UM01-09:  The Impact of Social Security and Medicare on Retirement Incentives: Exploiting Variation in Coverage