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Researcher Detail

Kenneth M. Langa
Faculty Associate, ISR and Assistant Professor
University of Michigan

Dr. Langa is a board-certified General Internist, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, an Investigator at the VA Center for Practice Management and Outcomes Research, and a Faculty Associate in the Institute for Social Research, at the University of Michigan. He earned a PhD from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago where his dissertation examined the impact of cost-containment policies on the use of medical interventions. Dr. Langa’s present research focuses on estimating the societal costs of chronic disease for both working-age adults and the elderly. He is a collaborator on the “Health and Retirement Study,” a nationally representative longitudinal survey of adults age 50 and older that is funded by the National Institute on Aging. He is also the recipient of a National Institute on Aging Career Development Award. Dr. Langa has received additional recent grant funding from the Social Security Administration, Aetna Quality Care Research Fund, and the Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging. Current research projects include: 1) determining the costs of family caregiving for elderly individuals with dementia, diabetes, and cancer; 2) examining the impact of chronic disease on work disability and early retirement; 3) studying the impact of Medicare policy changes on the use of paid home care; and 4) developing survey methods for measuring Quality of Life in the elderly.

Associated Research Projects
UM15-Q2:  Racial Differences in the Use of VA Health Services
UM02-12:  Implications of High Risk Health Behaviors on Work-Force Participation: Disability, Retirement, and Lost Productivity
UM01-11:  Implications of Chronic Health Conditions on Work-Force Participation: Disability, Retirement, Caregiving, and Lost Productivity