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Brooke Helppie-McFall and Amanda Sonnega

We propose to review, summarize, and synthesize literature related to occupations that older workers might find desirable for second-career jobs after retirement from their primary occupations.

In this work, we plan to focus on occupations, or ladders of occupations comprising one career, that tend to employ an older worker full-time for several years or more. These will include “encore” careers (often defined as being service-oriented or labors of love which may not provide substantial financial support) as well as second careers that represent a significant shift in occupation but are expected to provide substantial financial support. In this work, we will seek to differentiate longer-term second careers from bridge jobs, which many older workers undertake part time or for a short period of time during the transition to retirement from a main career, to the extent possible.

Publications (PDF)

Working paper(s):

Characteristics of Second-career Occupations: A Review and Synthesis

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