Tracking the Household Income of SSDI and SSI Applicants

IB 2001-009, UM99-03

Using panel data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation linked to Social Security Administration disability determination records we trace the pattern of household income and the sources of that income from 38 months prior to 39 months following…

Chances are…Stochastic Forecasts of the Social Security Trust Fund and Attempts to Save it

IB 2001-008, UM99-07

Cognition and Wealth: The Importance of Probabilistic Thinking

IB 2001-007, UM00-04

Saving for Retirement: Household Bargaining and Household Net Worth

IB 2000-004, UM00-02

Marriage, Divorce, and the Work and Earning Careers of Spouses

IB 2000-003, UM99-06

Retirement and Wealth

IB 2000-002, UM99-02


Imperfect Knowledge, Retirement and Saving

IB 2001-012, UM00-08

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance

IB 2001-011, UM00-06


Health Limitations and Early Retirement

IB 2000-Q2, UM99-Q2

Personal Accounts and Social Security Reform

IB 2000-Q1, UM99-Q1