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Julie Zissimopoulos

Gain and Loss: Marriage and Wealth Changes Over Time
by Julie Zissimopoulos
WP 2009-213, September 2009
View: AbstractKey Findings  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)
Labor Market and Immigration Behavior of Middle-Aged and Elderly Mexicans
by Emma Aguila and Julie Zissimopoulos
WP 2008-192, September 2008
View: AbstractKey Findings  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)
Marital Histories and Economic Well-Being
by Julie Zissimopoulos, Benjamin Karney and Amy J. Rauer
WP 2008-180, September 2008
View: AbstractKey Findings  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)
The Effect of Retirement Incentives on Retirement Behavior: Evidence from the Self-Employed in the United States and England
by Julie Zissimopoulos, Nicole Maestas and Lynn Karoly
WP 2007-155, September 2007
View: AbstractKey Findings  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)
Saving for Retirement: Wage Growth and Unexpected Events
by Michael Hurd and Julie Zissimopoulos
WP 2003-045, April 2003
View: Abstract  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)
The Retirement Behavior of Federal Civil Service Workers
by Beth Asch, Steven J. Haider and Julie Zissimopoulos
WP 2002-026, July 2002
View: AbstractPublished Citation  • Download: Full Paper (PDF)