MRRC Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 1
September 2000

Director's Corner

In establishing the two retirement research centers at the University of Michigan and at Boston College, the late Steven Sandell had in mind a network of eminent researchers who would provide a sound scientific basis for Social Security policies now and in the future. That objective remains our overarching goal. The Michigan Retirement Research Center (MRRC) was established two years ago to promote research, training, and dissemination of information related to retirement and Social Security policy with funding from the Social Security Administration. We have been actively engaged in these activities and are making the results of our efforts available via a number of avenues. The focal source of information about our activities is the MRRC website ( There you can find discussion of our research projects, papers, and research briefs, and biographical information about the researchers who are associated with the Center. The MRRC supports researchers from around the country who are trained in a variety of academic disciplines.

The Center provides other opportunities for you to be involved. There are opportunities described on our website for training workshops, seminars, and conferences. For example, each year, one of the research centers hosts an annual conference that is open to all that brings together Center researchers, policy makers and members of the Social Security Administration. Funded training positions are also available. In addition to information about the Sandell Dissertation Award, a national competition for dissertation support, there is also information on how to apply for pre-or postdoctoral fellowships. And there is much more information on a variety of topics.

These are our first steps towards getting information into the hands of people who can use it to make a difference. We are all grateful for the opportunity to make a contribution and eagerly embrace the work that allows us to do so.

Center Director     

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  • Conferences and Events are listed that may be of interest to researchers, policymakers, and the general public interested in retirement and social security.
  • Training and Education provides information about pre and post doctoral fellowships available through MRRC, graduate coursework at the University of Michigan, training workshops and seminars.
  • Research and Findings presents an array of materials representing the work of Center researchers including Issues in Brief, Conference Papers, Working Papers, and the Newsletter.
  • Data directs potential users to valuable sources of data for retirement research.

Regular Features:

Issue in Brief

How effective is redistribution under the Social Security Benefit Formula?


How Social Security figures your retirement benefits

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Winner of the 2000 Sandell Dissertation Award 3
Instructions For Sandell Disertation Grant Applicants 3
Training Opportunities 4
May 2000 Conference 6
3rd Annual Retirement Research Consortium Conference 6
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