Marriage-related Policies in an Estimated Life-cycle Model of Households’ Labor Supply and Savings for Two Cohorts

WP 2017-371, UM17-01

In the United States, both taxes and old age Social Security benefits explicitly depend on one’s marital status. We study the effects of eliminating these marriage-related provisions on the labor supply and savings of two different cohorts. To do so,…

The Effect of Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Post-Displacement Labor Supply among the Near-Elderly

WP 2017-370, UM17-17

Long-Term Effects of Leaving Military Service in a Weak Economy

WP 2017-369, UM17-09

Previous research finds negative effects in the short and medium term for those who initially entered the labor force during weak labor markets. Discerning the effects of initial market conditions is difficult as young workers may attempt to time their…

Parents with an Unemployed Adult Child: Labor Supply, Consumption, and Savings Effects

WP 2017-368, UM17-18

Understanding Earnings, Labor Supply, and Retirement Decisions

WP 2017-367, UM17-03

We develop and estimate a model in which individuals make decisions on consumption, human capital investment, labor supply, and retirement. Unlike all previous work, our model allows both an endogenous wage process (which is typically assumed exogenous in the human…

Work-Life Balance and Labor Force Attachment at Older Ages

WP 2017-366, UM17-11

We use data from the Health and Retirement Study to examine the role of work-life balance (WLB) as a nonmonetary determinant of retirement transitions, conditional on job attributes such as hours of work, compensation and benefits. We show that low…

Alternative Measures of Noncognitive Skills and Their Effect on Retirement Preparation and Financial Capability

WP 2017-365, UM17-12

The Impact of Health on Labor Supply Near Retirement

WP 2017-364, UM17-02

Estimates of effect of health on employment differ from study to study due to differences in methods, data, institutional background and health measure. We assess the importance of these differences, using a unified framework to interpret and contrast estimate for…

Adjusting the Payroll Tax to Promote Longer Careers

WP 2017-363, UM16-01

This paper analyzes a prospective Social Security reform that a number of authors have suggested, namely a payroll tax cut targeted on households near retirement. Our approach uses simulations of a life-cycle model, which we estimate from panel data. The…

Do State Laws Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Reduce Age Discrimination in Hiring? Experimental (and Nonexperimental) Evidence

WP 2017-360, UM16-04

We provide evidence from a field experiment — a correspondence study — on age discrimination in hiring for retail sales jobs. We collect experimental data in all 50 states and then relate measured age discrimination — the difference in callback…