Targeting with In-kind Transfers: Evidence from Medicaid Home Care

WP 2017-359, UM13-03

Many of the most important government programs make transfers in kind as opposed to in cash. Making transfers in kind has the obvious cost that recipients would at least weakly prefer cost-equivalent cash transfers. But making transfers in kind can…

The Effects of Means-tested Noncontributory Pensions on Poverty and Well-being: Evidence from the Chilean Pension Reforms

WP 2017-358, UM16-18

Chile initiated in 1981 a privately managed, individual-account pension system that inspired similar reforms in many Latin American countries, and that has been considered as a possible model for Social Security in the United States. After 30 years in place,…

Caregiving and Work: The Relationship between Labor Market Attachment and Parental Caregiving

WP 2017-356, UM16-07

There has been much concern over the provision of long-term care and the stresses it imposes on the family members who provide that care. However, despite the importance of this issue, it has been difficult to assess a causal relationship…

Exploring the Social Security Benefit Implications of Same-Sex Marriage

rb377, UM17-07

Same-sex marriage became legal nationwide in the United States on June 26, 2015. Federal legalization of same-sex marriage expands the pool of individuals potentially eligible for spousal Social Security benefits to the estimated 4 percent of the population that is…

A Review of U.S. Federal and State Means-Tested Programs

rb376, UM17-Q1

Characteristics of Second-career Occupations: A Review and Synthesis

rb375, UM17-Q2

This study is a literature review of research related to the characteristics of second careers undertaken after mid-life. There is a significant lack of literature directly on this topic, so we draw substantially from the literatures about retirement, bridge jobs,…

Exploring the Risks and Consequences of Elder Fraud Victimization: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study

rb374, UM17-16

The Reintroduction of the Social Security Statement and its Effect on Social Security Expectations, Retirement Savings, and Labor Supply across the Age Distribution

rb373, UM17-05

The Effect of Physical and Cognitive Decline at Older Ages on Work and Retirement: Evidence from Occupational Job Demands and Job Mismatch

rb372, UM17-10

Marriage-related Policies in an Estimated Life-cycle Model of Households’ Labor Supply and Savings for Two Cohorts

rb371, UM17-01